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We are a podcast About Board games, Card games, & any other form of tabletop gaming! Join Roy, Matt, And Robert On our amazing podcasting adventure with tons of table top gaming! each week will will tackle another gaming topic and talk about game we are currently streaming and playing! we stream the podcast live on Tuesdays at 9pm EST and we play live board games on fridays 6-10pm EST check us out on twitter and instagram @epicgamingnight
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Epic Gaming Night is a podcast about Board Games and the Stories & Relationships they create!

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Mar 24, 2016

Ep: 48 Nazca games with Emerson! we talk about all the awesome stuff coming out of Nazca Caravan, app devolpment, and more awesome things in the works!!


  • What we have been playing!?
    • (Roy) Tail Feathers
    • (Rob) Axis and Allies: D-Day
    • (Matt) Xia
    • (Emerson) Imperial Settlers
  • Nazca Games!
    • Moving more toward game design and development instead of publishing.
  • What games do you have in your current line up?
    • Caravan
      • Spice Road
      • Crystal Golem
  • Tell us about Caravan.
  • Who's idea was it to do two completely different themes on the game?
    • The Plaid Hat guys
  • Are you team Spice Road or team Crystal Golem?
    • The original design was for the spice road variant
  • Apps!! How is the specter ops app coming along?
    • Good just working on texturing the 3D elements and creating the low poly models
  • Any clue on a release date?
    • Should be mid-summer 2016
  • Dead of winter the long night in the cross roads app?
    • Issac mentioned it should be integrated into the existing Dead of Winter app
  • Any new designs from Nazca coming up that we should be excited about?
    • An unnamed hidden role game
    • An unnamed hidden role game based on the Spector Ops universe
    • A city builder game for Arcane Wonder
  • What cons will Nazca Games be at in 2016?
    • Origins
    • Gencon
  • What are you most excited about in the board game and community?
    • Working with everyone in the industry.
    • Working with new publishers
    • Getting to know all of the people who are a part of the board game community
  • What is your personal favorite movie?
    • Sneakers
  • Is there anything more you would like to talk about or promote?
    • Shoutout to Mark Streed!
    • Chaz Marler Pair of Dice Paradise
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    • @Nazcagames on Twitter
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    • @EpicGamingNight on Twitter and Instagram
Mar 17, 2016

We talk with Josh at Grey Fox games about all the awesome stuff coming out of grey fox, Expanding in to global markets, and the growth of the board gaming hobby!


  • What we’ve been playing:
    • (Roy) Cosmic Encounter
    • (Rob) Mansions of Madness
    • (Matt) Robo Rally
    • (Josh) A Study in Emerald, Innovation
  • What games do you have in your current line up?
    • Champions of Midgard
    • A Study in Emerald
    • Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
    • Operation F.A.U.S.T
  • Update on hot games coming back in print like deception?
    • April-ish for deception.
  • What is grey fox doing to expand into global markets?
    • Went to Essen
    • Making contacts at cons to help distribute
    • Finding producers who want to make localized versions of the games
  • What's coming out at grey fox?
    • 7 Ronin
    • Waste Riders
    • London Dread
  • What conventions will Grey Fox be at this year?
    • Gencon
    • Essen
    • Dice Tower Con
    • BGG Con
  • Do you think board gaming will continue to grow the way we have seen in the last few years?
    • Yes
  • What is your personal favorite movie?
    • Stranger than Fiction
  • Is there anything more you would like to talk about or promote?
    • Keep an eye on
  • Follow Josh Lebkowicz
    • @JLebkowicz on Twitter
    • @Greyfoxgames on instagram
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Mar 10, 2016

This week we interview Casey & Donald from Board with Life the board game based sitcom! We talk all about how they got started, Donald's amazing attendance, the second season of board with life, and Casey's relationship with his "sister".

  • Games we’ve been playing:
    • (Rob) Time Stories
    • (Roy) Specter Ops
    • (Matt) Istanbul
    • (Donald) Brass
    • (Casey) Spyfall
  • Games we talk about during the podcast:
    • Fiasco
    • Pandemic
    • D&D
    • No Thanks

Check out board with life at

and all our other podcasts at

Mar 3, 2016

This week we talk to the guys from Rule & Make about Publishing games, Digital VS Analog, and gaming in Australia.

    • Games we talk about:
      • During the interview:
        • Golem Arcana
        • Alchemy
        • X-COM
        • Rise to Power
        • Quantum
        • Pillars of the Earth
        • Glory to Rome (Blackbox Edition)


  • Rule and Make Games


        • Entropy
        • Ninja Dojo Fight
        • Burger Up
        • Robots and Rockets
        • Skyward (Coming out on Kickstarter soon)

check them out at

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Feb 23, 2016

This week we talk to Isaac Vega about everything that is coming in Dead of Winter the Long Dark! and about the upcoming Ashes expansions and organized play! Make sure to check out this Plaid Hat filled Episode!!

Twitter & Instagram @EpicGamingNight

Feb 18, 2016

This week we talk Science in board games! are board games realistic?


  • What we’ve been playing:
    • (Rob) Dead of Winter
    • (Roy) Operation F.A.U.S.T
    • (Matt) Deception
  • What are some games that have Science in the game or the theme?
    • Edison vs Tesla
    • Power Grid
    • Pandemic
    • Anything space
  • Do you think the science in boardgames is realistic?
    • Nope!
  • Space travel?
    • Bunch of things
  • Is a Zombie plague realistic?
    • Potentially
  • Technology mumbo-jumbo in sci-fi?
    • It’s good.
  • What aspect of science would you like to see made into a board game?
    • Hard Science!
      • Terraforming Mars
      • Robinson Crusoe Mars game
    • Wormholes/ Blackholes
    • Time Dilation
    • Exploration of planets

Stream Tue 9pm EST

Feb 13, 2016
This week i talk to Henning Ludvigsen about freelance Illustrations and what its like working with Fantasy Flight Games! we also talk about what we have been playing, Dead of Winter & RoboRally!
  • What is a illustrator? What all does your job as an illustrator involve? 
  • What are some of the projects you have worked on?
  • How important are good illustrations in a boardgame?
  • What is it like working with big publishers like Fantasy Flight and Cool Mini or Not?
  • What are some of the biggest struggles in being a freelance illustrator?
  • What is the best part about working in the board gaming industry?
  • Do you get to play a lot of the games that you illustrate?
  • What is your favorite tabletop game?
  • What upcoming projects or things your working on would you like to tell us about or promote!?
Streams at:
Make sure to check us out in Twitter and Instagram @epicgamingnight & @Henning_Art
Check out Henning at:
Thanx guys!
Feb 11, 2016

This week on the podcast we talk Intellectual properties! Whats good and bad & what IP we would love to see made in to a board game!

  • What we’ve been playing:
    • (Roy) Lord of the Rings LCG
    • (Rob) Hand and Foot
    • (Matt) Entropy and Deception
  • What is a IP?
    • An idea or universe created by another person
  • What are some examples of IP games?
    • Battlestar Galactica
    • Star Wars
    • Star Trek
    • Sons of Anarchy
    • Marvel
    • Aliens
    • Civilization
    • Lord of the Rings
    • Portal
    • Banner Saga
  • What IPs would you love to see made into a game? How would it work?
    • Tri-gun
    • The Matrix Revolution
      • Queen’s gambit style
    • Blade Runner
      • Social deduction or hidden movement
    • Braveheart
      • Area control
    • American Hustle
    • Full Metal Alchemist
  • Why do some Companies struggle with making a good IP game?
    • Copy Paste the theme without any thought or love for the show, series, or movie
  • How to do a IP right by the fans?
    • If in doubt just don’t make it
    • Put out feelers of the theme to gauge reactions
  • What is your favorite game with a IP?
    • (Rob) Game of Thrones
    • (Roy) War of the Ring
    • (Matt) Marvel Legendary
  • Epic story about playing a IP?
Feb 4, 2016

This week on the podcast we talk about Finite Games Like Time Stories and Pandemic Legacy & our play of Forbidden Stars!

  • What we’ve been playing:
    • Pandemic Legacy
    • Forbidden Stars
    • Summoner Wars
  • What is a finite game?
    • A game that you can only play through once.
  • Examples of a finite game?
    • Pandemic Legacy
    • Risk Legacy
    • Time Stories
  • What do you like about finite games?
    • Great stories that live in and with the board
    • Permanent upgrades that persists throughout the game
    • Decisions carry real weight on each subsequent playthrough
    • Video game like features
  • Do you think not being able to play a game infinite number of times is bad?
    • Nope! Good games are good games regardless of playthrough counts
  • Can having spoilers in a game be a bad thing?
    • Not really. If you are worried about spoilers don't look on the internet
  • How can playing through a game and that being the end be a good thing?
    • Has emotional impact and weight that carries on past that playthrough
  • What game would you like to see as a finite game?
    • (Roy) Deep Creepy lovecraftian game
    • (Rob) Dead of Winter
    • (Matt) A random smattering of ideas
  • Should you give finite games a chance?
  • Epic stories about finite games?
    • Yep, Risk Legacy (has spoilers listen if you want to know)
  • Thanx Guys! Email us at
Jan 28, 2016

This week we talk Real Time Games, Gencon Hotels, & What we have been playing!


  • GEN-CON hotel news!
  • What we’ve been playing:
    • (Roy) Pitch Car
      • Painting Blood Rage minis
    • (Rob) Splendor and Dead of Winter
    • (Matt) You get nothing!
      • NOTHING!
  • What is a real time game?
    • Game mechanics force you to use real time
  • What are some games with real time mechanics?
    • Telestrations
    • X-COM the board game
    • Escape
    • Falling
    • Zombie 15
    • Space Alert
    • Robo Rally
    • Space Cadets Die Fighters
  • What is fun about real time mechanics?
    • Under pressure
      • RIP Bowie
    • Excitement
    • Pure adrenaline
  • Are real time games stressful?
    • The long and short of it: sorta
  • What type of game would you love to see with real time mechanics?
    • (Rob) A type of area control war game
    • (Roy) 2 player fighting game i.e. Street Fighter
    • (Matt) Spector Ops type of game
      • Reverse spector ops
  • Favorite RTG?
    • (Roy) Galaxy Trucker
    • (Rob) X-COM
    • (Matt) Telestrations
  • Epic Story about RTG’s?
    • (Roy) Robo-Rally
      • Everyone only had 30 sec to program 6 actions
    • (Rob) Catch-Phrase
      • 96 year-old grandma miming vomit for the word Blast-Off
    • (Matt) NOPE!
Jan 21, 2016

This week we do a Q&A from viewers/listeners!


  • Games we have been playing:
    • (Roy) Cash and guns + expansion
    • (Rob) Welcome to the Dungeon
    • (Matt) Codenames with Dixit cards
    • (All) Naruto Shippuden deck building game
  • Print and plays
    • Lots of tips and we talk about the pain of puting them togeather.
  • Games in 2016
    • Seafall
    • Dead of Winter Expansion
    • Secret Hitler
    • New Star Wars Rebellion
    • Lost in Space
  • Beginner Games?
    • Codenames
    • Rhino Hero
    • Summoner Wars
    • Love Letter
    • Legendary
    • Flash Point Fire Rescue
  • Aesthetics?
    • Need a good balance of both aesthetics and game play to make a game good
  • Simplistic Games with easy rules?
    • Summoner Wars
    • Flash Point Fire Rescue
    • Codenames
    • Pandemic
      • Most co-op games
  • First "speciality games" you played?
    • (Rob) Mansions of madness, BSG, GOT
    • (Roy) Dune, Settlers of Catan/Canaan
    • (Matt) One Night Ultimate Werewolf


  • Which Risk is the best (aside from the original and the legacy versions)?
    • LOTR Risk
    • Walking Dead Risk
    • 2210 Risk
  • Casual Filler Game
    • Quick
    • Easy to teach
    • Silly (gets some laughs)
      • Examples
        • Love Letter
        • Rhino Hero
        • Welcome to the Dungeon
  • Favorite Style of game?
      • Twilight Emperium 3
      • War of the Ring
    • (Rob) Strategy and area control games
      • Game of Thrones
      • Blood Rage
    • (Matt) Social Deduction
      • One Night Ultimate Werewolf
      • Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
  • Making your own games?
    • (Roy)
      • Made a couple of games
      • Enjoy making the concepts
      • Despises the development aspects
    • (Rob)
      • Tried making a few games
      • Enjoys creative side
      • Gets bogged down with time constraints
    • (Matt)
      • Thinks about stuff a lot
  • Other favorite podcasts?
    • (Roy)
      • Board Game University
      • Dice Tower
      • Shut up and Sit Down
      • The Board Dames
    • (Rob)
      • Secret Cabal
      • Plaid Hat Podcasts
      • Freakanomics
      • Nerdist
      • TED Talks
    • (Matt)
      • Welcome to Night Vale
      • Critical Role
      • Harmontown
  • When is a hobby become a problem
    • Skipping work to play
    • Can’t pay your bills
    • Haba puts out quality games with no need for expansions
  • Tabletop Game Tables?
    • Amazing, if you are really into the hobby you should have a good table
    • Can be expensive but you can make your own!
Jan 14, 2016

This Week we talk about the good and bad of Randomness in games!

Also What we have been playing! Burgle Bros. Tales of the Arabian Nights, & Secret Hitler!

Topic Randomness

What are some examples of randomness in games?

What are some games utilize randomness?

How can randomness help a game?

Can to much randomness be a bad thing?

What are come was to mitigate randomness?

What is your favorite game with a lot of randomness?

Do you have a epic story about randomness in a game?

Listener Question: How do you acquire games on a budget?


Jan 7, 2016

This Week we talk to Michael Coe all about Gamelyn games and there new kickstarter Tiny Epic West!

What have we been playing? X-Com, Deception: Murder at Hong Kong, Star Wars Carcassonne, & Tiny Epic Western.

Topic: Tiny Epic Gamelyn!
How did Gamelyn get started?

What is the Philosophy behind making tiny epic games?

Tell us about some of the Games that have come out at Gamelyn?

What are some of the struggles of making a Tiny Epic game?

Would Gamelyn ever make a Big Epic game?

Kickstarter is a Core part of your business model can you tell us about how kick starter has worked for Gamelyn?

Tell us more about tiny epic western?

Are there any new and exciting things you were doing for this kick starter?

What is your personal favorite tabletop game?

Are there any other awesome things coming up at Gamelyn that you want to talk about or promote?

New Fantasy Game Coming From Gamelyn Scoop!

Check us out on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, & Itunes!

Tiny Epic Western coming to kickstarter 1/11/16!


Jan 1, 2016

This week we talk about out top 10 of 2015! and what is to come in 2016! Thanx for all the amazing support!

What have we been playing? (Codenames, party games, Ashes!)

What was our favorite gaming moment in 2015?

Games we failed to play...

Our top 10 games from 2015!

10 Champions of Midgard
9  Arena of the Planeswalkers
8 The grizzled
7 X-com
6 Forbidden Stars
5 Ashes
4 Codenames
3 Specter ops
2 Time stories
1 Blood Rage

What are we most excited for in 2016?

Last year's resolutions?

Do you have any 2016 gaming resolutions?

Thanx to all of our listeners and gaming friends! 2015 was a amazing start!! here's to many more to come!

Dec 24, 2015

This week we talk about false ratings on Pandemic Legacy and Asmodee North America.


What we have been playing

  • 7 Wonders Dual (Fun 2 player Drafting Civ Game)
  • Marvel Legendary Secret Wars - Volume 2 (New Characters & Mechanics. playing full Co-Op)
  • Escape The cures of the Temple (Real time co-op and promo quests)

people Rating Pandemic Legacy a 1 to try and slow its climb up the BGG rankings. (don't rate games you haven't played out of spite)

We talk Asmodee North America

  • Distributor changes
  • Specialty Stores
  • Limiting online sales
  • Ending Deep discounts?

Games are awesome! Be awesome!

Question from Nick

  • Do you change your play style when playing with non-gamers?


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