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We are a podcast About Board games, Card games, & any other form of tabletop gaming! Join Roy, Matt, And Robert On our amazing podcasting adventure with tons of table top gaming! each week will will tackle another gaming topic and talk about game we are currently streaming and playing! we stream the podcast live on Tuesdays at 9pm EST and we play live board games on fridays 6-10pm EST check us out on twitter and instagram @epicgamingnight
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Jan 19, 2017

This week Roy talks about Heroes of Land Air & Sea and Unlock! Rob talks about date night games. and we look at what games are good for the Next step in to deeper games!

Twitter & Instagram @EpicGamingNight

Jan 12, 2017

We have the man the myth the legend Steve Avery on the show to talk about the industry, pitching to publishers, & his up coming games!


What we have been playing!?

  • (Steve) Kingdom Death
  • (Roy) Star Wars: Destiny
  • (Rob) Disney Princess Match Game
  • (Matt) Baking cookies & Watching Train to Busan

Topic: Steve Avery (content is paraphrased listen to the interview for full transcription [NSFW warning])

  • Tell us the games you have currently published?
    • Ta-Da!
  • Tell us about your upcoming Kickstarter with Everything Epic Games! Dominus & Future Wars?
    • Set in an Terminator 2 style future
    • 2 versions a co-op and a competitive
    • ETA on the kickstarter going live is late February early March this year
  • Any update on Rubber Banditos?
    • Maybe released GenCon 2017
  • You have a ton of games in development! What should we look for coming up?
    • Rubber Banditos
    • Dominus
    • Future Wars
  • What cons will you be attending in 2017?
    • GenCon (Maybe)
    • MACE (Maybe)
    • Cool Mini or Not Expo
    • Dice Tower Con
  • What is your favorite movie of all time?
    • Blade Runner
  • Is there anything else you want to talk about or promote?

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Jan 5, 2017

Roy Mat & Rob take a look at what game fits best in a whole slew of different themes! and look at what they have been playing! Wizwar Adrenaline & Arkham Horror LCG!


What we have been playing!?

  • (Roy) Wiz-War: Bestial Forces
  • (Rob) Arkham Horror LCG
  • (Matt) Adrenaline

Topic: Best of a Theme!

We are going to take a look to see what we think the best game is in each theme!

  • Zombies
    • (Roy) Dead of Winter
    • (Rob) Zombicide
    • (Matt) Dead of Winter
  • Real world
    • (Roy) Flashpoint Fire Rescue
    • (Rob) Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
    • (Matt) Pandemic: Legacy
  • Treasure hunting
    • (Roy) Clank!
    • (Rob) Quartz
    • (Matt) Clank!
  • Horror
    • (Roy) Betrayal at House on the Hill
    • (Rob) Mansions of Madness 1st edition
    • (Matt) Betrayal at House on the Hill
  • Space
    • (Roy) TI3, Xia
    • (Rob) Twilight Imperium 3
    • (Matt) Alien Frontiers
  • Lovecraftian
    • (Roy) Mansions of Madness 2nd edition
    • (Rob) Mansions of Madness 2nd edition
    • (Matt) Mansions of Madness 2nd edition
  • Vikings
    • (Roy) Blood Rage
    • (Rob) Blood Rage
    • (Matt) Blood Rage
  • Dystopian future/cyberpunk
    • (Roy) Spector Ops
    • (Rob) Spector Ops
    • (Matt) Spector Ops
  • Pirates
    • (Roy) Merchants and Marauders
    • (Rob) Xia
    • (Matt) Xia
  • Ninjas
    • (Roy) 7 Ronin
    • (Rob) 7 Ronin
    • (Matt) 7 Ronin
  • Dungeon crawl
    • (Roy) Descent
    • (Rob) Descent
    • (Matt) 5 Minute Dungeon
  • Time travel
    • (Roy) T.I.M.E. Stories
    • (Rob) T.I.M.E. Stories
    • (Matt) T.I.M.E. Stories
  • Sci-fi
    • (Roy) Battlestar Galactica
    • (Rob) Battlestar Galactica
    • (Matt) Battlestar Galactica
  • Fantasy
    • (Roy) War of the Ring
    • (Rob) Game of Thrones
    • (Matt) T.I.M.E Stories
  • If you had to pick one theme to be your favorite which theme would that be?
    • (Roy) Space
    • (Rob) Sci-Fi
    • (Matt) Cyberpunk

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Dec 29, 2016

Roy, Matt, & Rob talk about games they look forward to in 2017!


What we have been playing!?

  • (Roy) The Magic Labyrinth
  • (Rob) Happy Salmon, Mansions of Madness, Codenames, Junk Art, Go Cuckoo, Strike
  • (Matt) Nothing...womp womp

Topic: 2017

  • What are you what games are you looking forward to in 2017?
    • Rising Sun
    • Mansions of Madness expansions
    • Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star
    • Massive Darkness
    • Walking Dead: No Sanctuary
    • Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea
    • Lost in Space
  • What conventions will we trying to attend?
    • Cool Mini or Not Con
    • GenCon
    • MACE
    • Mega Moose Con
    • Dice Tower Con
  • What game theme would you love to see someone come out with in 2017?
    • 80’s mysticism a la Stranger Things
    • Full Metal Alchemist
    • Trigun
    • Blade Runner
    • Ghost in the Shell
    • Aztec or Mayan mythos
    • Slasher
    • The Matrix
  • What game would you love to see expansion for in 2017?
    • Game of Thrones
    • Blood Rage
    • Twilight Imperium 3
    • War of the Ring
    • Spector Ops
    • Junk Art
    • Wiz-War
  • What would be your dream guest to get on the show?
    • Corey Konieczka
    • Emerson Matsuuchi
    • Eric Lang
    • Stephen Avery
    • Eric Summerer
    • Jamey Stegmeier
    • Devin Low
  • What gaming technology would you love to see implemented in the future?
    • Holograms
    • 3D Printing for Print and Play
    • Better app integration
    • Cool analog tech
      • New board designs
      • Games using those prototyping dice
  • What older game do you want to get back to the table in 2017?
    • Axis & Allies
    • Android
    • Dune
    • Wiz-War
    • X-COM
    • Eclipse
    • Spector Ops
  • Do you have any board game resolutions?
    • Play all the games I own that I haven’t played. (Rob)
    • All the board game media stuff. (Roy)
    • Kickstart Rising Sun/ Play more games. (Matt)
  • Other games talked about:
    • Escape the Room
    • The Last Friday
    • Masmorra
    • Seafall
    • The Iron Throne
    • Mission: Red Planet

Thank you everyone who listen to the show in 2016 you guys are amazing! Here's to an Epic 2017!


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Dec 22, 2016

This week Roy & Rob talk about what games to play with youth! And talk what we have been playing Adrenaline, New Angeles, & Mansions of Madness DLC!

Dec 15, 2016
This week Roy, Matt, & Rob talk about there choice for the best games of 2016! and talk Seafall & Tales of the Arbian Nights

What we have been playing!?

  • (Roy) Brass Empire, LotR: Journey to Mordor
  • (Rob) Seafall, Tales of the Arabian Nights
  • (Matt) Seafall

Topic: Top 10 of 2016

  • Honorable mentions
    • (Roy) Star Trek: Ascendency
    • (Rob) Happy Salmon
    • (Matt) Codenames: Pictures
  1. Secret Hitler
  2. Go Cuckoo
  3. 7 Ronin
  4. Cry Havoc
  5. Scythe
  6. Dead of winter: The Long Night
  7. Junkart
  8. Mechs vs Minions
  9. Star Wars Rebellion
  10. Mansions of Madness Second Edition

Do you think that some of the games coming out in 2017 will be even better?

  • Yes! Games we are excited for:
    • First Martians
    • Rising Sun
    • Massive Darkness
    • Chronicles: Origins
    • Caravans
    • Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star

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Dec 8, 2016

This week Roy, Matt, & Rob talk about Board Game Media! what we watch and how it could be better!


What we have been playing!?

  • (Roy) Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
  • (Rob) Junk Art, Wits and Wagers, Strike
  • (Matt) Nothing :(

Topic: Board Game Media

  • Games mentioned during the podcast:
    • Rhino Hero
    • Twilight Imperium 3
    • Dead of Winter
    • Pandemic
    • Mice and Mystics

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Dec 1, 2016

This week Roy Mat and Rob talk all about long games, What can make play time faster, and how to get them to the table!

What we have been playing!?

  • (Roy) War of the Ring
  • (Rob) Dead of Winter: Long Night
  • (Matt) Nothing

Topic: Long Games

  • Name a few Long games?
    • War of the Ring
    • Axis and Allies
    • Risk Legacy
    • Level 7: Omega Protocol
    • Rex
    • Twilight Imperium 3
    • Eclipse
    • Eldritch Horror
    • Pandemic Legacy
    • Descent
  • What game would you recommend our listeners play before writing it off as being too long?
    • Xia
    • All of them
  • Other games mentioned during the podcast
    • Hit Z Road
    • Happy Salmon

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Nov 24, 2016

This week we talk Hype in board gaming. do you fall for the hype or has hype turned you off to a game? we also talk Arkham Horror LCG & Marvel Deadpool


  • MACE!
  • D&D in the toy hall of fame.
  • Dice tower reviews!

What we have been playing!?

  • (Roy) Arkham Horror LCG
  • (Rob) Descent
  • (Matt) Pandemic Legacy

Topic: Hype!

  • Is there a game that you think was overhyped and let you down?
    • Last Friday
    • Castle Panic
    • Secret Hitler*
  • What's one game that you think deserves more hype!
    • Secret Hitler*
    • Spector Ops
    • Star Wars Rebellion
    • Wiz-War
    • Xia
    • Junk Art
    • Go Cuckoo
  • Other games discussed
    • Bloodborne
    • Blood Rage
    • Dead of Winter
    • 5 Minute Dungeon

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  • Post
Nov 14, 2016

We recorded live at Mace 2016 with our friends Rolling Dice & Taking Names, Tantrum House, And Draft Mechanic!


Twitter & Instagram @EpicGamingNight

Nov 10, 2016

This week we talk about boar game Expansions! what we like and don't like! and Roy Brakes Rob!



  • Tiny epic quest
  • 5-minute dungeon
  • Mega man pixel tactics
  • Marvel Legendary Noir
  • C&A

What we have been playing!?

  • (Roy) Mansions of Madness, Mechs and Minions
  • (Rob) Descent
  • (Matt) Dixit

Topic: Expansions!

  • Are there any expansions that you think fixed issues with the game?
    • Zombiecide Series, Xia, Twilight Imperium
  • Are there any expansions that you are disappointed with?
    • Game of Thrones Board Game
  • Are there any companies that do expansions really well?
    • Fantasy Flight Games
  • Is there a board game you would love to see an expansion for or one that really needs it?
    • Game of Thrones, Spector Ops, Forbidden Stars, Blood Rage, Star Wars Rebellion,
  • What is your favorite board game expansion?
    • (Rob) Battlelore Game of Thrones: Baratheon
    • (Roy) Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star
    • (Matt) One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak

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Nov 3, 2016

This week Roy and Rob have ther wives Heather and Marlo come on the show to talk about Being the wife of a board gamer, what games they like and how they put up with us!

Streamed live at

Instagram and twitter @EpicGamingNight


Oct 27, 2016

This week we talk what we have been playing Mechs Vs Minions, Battle of the Five Armies, & Mysterium! And answer a bunch of crazy questions!


What we have been playing!?

  • (Roy) Mechs vs Minions
  • (Rob) Battle of the Five Armies
  • (Matt) Mysterium, Pandemic Legacy, Codenames: Pictures

Topic: This is Us

  • If you were a board game what game would you be?
    • (Roy) Legendary
    • (Rob) Junk Art
    • (Matt) Pandemic Legacy
  • If you had to Pick board games to describe your relationship with the other co-hosts what game would you pick?
    • (Roy)
      • Rob - Twilight Imperium 3
      • Matt - Rhino Hero
    • (Rob)
      • Matt - Telestrations
      • Roy - Codenames
    • (Matt)
      • Roy - T.I.M.E Stories
      • Rob - Junk Art
  • What are some of your favorites!?
    • Movie
      • (Roy) Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
      • (Rob) Step Brothers, Braveheart, Meet Joe Black
      • (Matt) Moonrise Kingdom
    • Tv show
      • (Roy) X-Files, Naruto
      • (Rob) Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica, Breaking Bad, The Flash
      • (Matt) Black Mirror, Cowboy Bebop
    • Book
      • (Roy) Lord of the Rings, Lovecraft books
      • (Rob) Twilight Series, Harry Potter Series, Hunger Games
      • (Matt) Transmetropolitan, Tokyo Ghost, Saga
    • Music
      • (Roy) MXPX, Pop Punk, Hardcore
      • (Rob) Classical, Movie Scores, Alternative
      • (Matt) Folk, Techno, Chiptune, anything
    • Video game
      • (Roy) Link to the Past
      • (Rob) Skyrim
      • (Matt) Sonic 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic,
  • What title game Best describes your relationship with your significant other? Matt!?!
    • (Roy) Mechs vs Minions
    • (Rob) Run, Fight, or Die; Tail Feathers
    • (Matt) Crippling loneliness
  • What is something the other co-host don't know about you?
    • (Roy) Into Mountain Biking
    • (Rob) One of 6 kids
    • (Matt) Traveled to 46 of the 50 states
  • If you could pick any profession what would you do?
    • (Roy) Boardgame Media/ Run a boardgame store
    • (Rob) Entertainment industry
    • (Matt) No idea/ baking, distilling, brewing, architecting
  • If you could pick a boardgame to live inside of which game would you pick?
    • (Roy)
    • (Rob) Queen's Gambit, War of the Ring
    • (Matt) Blood Rage
  • What is one game that you would never play again?
    • (Roy) Flux, Munchkin
    • (Rob) Glory of Rome
    • (Matt) Killer Bunnies
  • If you had to chose a game to play with death to save your life what game would you pick?
    • (Roy) Blood Rage, Rhino Hero
    • (Rob) Mansions of Madness 1st Ed. , Go Cuckoo
    • (Matt) A Coin Flip
  • Jbenz32 asks: Who would win in a fight Cthulhu or Indiana Jones?
    • (Roy) Cthulhu
    • (Rob) Indiana Jones
    • (Matt) Cthulhu
  • Tabletopcrag asks: What are your non-boardgaming hobbies?
    • (Roy) Parenting
    • (Rob) Church, Local community stuff, Writing, Movies, Family
    • (Matt) Baking, Beer, Movies, Being alone

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Oct 20, 2016

This week we talk about our top 10 board games and why we love them!!


Honorable Mentions:

  • Rhino Hero x2
  • Pandemic Legacy
  • Splendor
  • Level 7: Omega Protocol
  • Cosmic Encounter

Roy’s Top 10

  1. Twilight Imperium 3
  2. Xia: Legends of a Drift System
  3. War of the Ring
  4. T.I.M.E Stories
  5. Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition
  6. Marvel: Legendary
  7. Spector Ops
  8. Battlelore
  9. Rex/ Dune
  10. Blood Rage

Rob’s Top 10

  1. Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition
  2. Game of Thrones
  3. Dead of Winter
  4. Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn
  5. Spector Ops
  6. Codenames
  7. Zombiecide Series
  8. Junk Art
  9. Axis and Allies Series
  10. Risk Series

Matt’s Top 10

  1. Blood Rage
  2. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
  3. Junk Art
  4. Spector Ops
  5. Secret Hitler
  6. Xia: Legends of a Drift System
  7. Dead of Winter
  8. Codenames
  9. Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition
  10. Marvel: Legendary

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Oct 13, 2016

This week we talk to Brian Beyke about board games, customer service and Coffee!


What we have been playing!?

  • (Brian) Jungle Speed
  • (Roy) Karuba, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Champions of Midgard, Race for the Galaxy
  • (Rob) Unicorn Glitterluck
  • (Matt) Pandemic Legacy

Topic: Brew the best

  • What is your favorite tabletop game?
    • Summoner Wars
  • Games talked about during the podcast
    • Summoner Wars
    • Vassal
    • Zertz
    • Zendo
    • Seafall
    • Caravans
    • Junk Art
    • Imhotep
    • Ashes: Rise of the Phoniexborn
  • Coffee talked about during the podcast
    • Ethiopian Kayon Mountain
    • Inkwell House Blend
    • Guatemala San Pedro
    • Esmeralda/Gesha
    • Kopi Luwak

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